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Sam Liberty and Kevin Spak to Speak at TEDxBoston

We’re pleased to announce that Sam and Kevin will be speaking at TEDxBoston on June 22, 2012! Our talk, “Tales from the Cardboard Fun Lab” is all about how our views on fun are evolving, thanks to the work of modern hobby game designers. What is “fun?” Modern board game designers unpack this mysterious word …

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Cosmic Pizza Makes TV Debut on Chronicle

A few weeks back, ABC Channel 5′s Chronicle put together a half hour on gaming, and who did they call? Little old us at Spoiled Flush Games! Our first — and let’s say… “highly anticipated” — board game Cosmic Pizza was featured during the show’s board gaming segment. If you’d like to see Sam, Kevin, …

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Designer’s Diary: Money Shot

The design goals of Money Shot were very simple. Sam wanted to design a gambling game that functioned with a 12-sided die. The execution of this came about in a slightly more circuitous fashion. First — why gambling? Stakes Gambling is fun — additively so. We know first hand the thrill of staring down a …

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Designer’s Diary: Morphatrons

Okay, I admit it: I love Transformers. Always have, probably always will. So naturally, as a game designer, I’ve always wanted to see a really good Transformers game. Transformers is owned by Hasbro, which also owns Wizards of the Coast, so you would think at some point they would release a game worthy of the …

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Designer’s Diary: Spycard

When Kevin first got interested in game design in the late ’90s and early ’00s, he was obsessed with CCGs. His favorite company was AEG, which always seemed to hit it out of the park with flavorful, innovative games like Legend of the Five Rings, 7th Sea, Doomtown, and Warlord. So when he heard they …

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Spoiled Flush in the Boston Globe

Kevin, Sam, and Cosmic Pizza get major shout-outs in the “Ideas” section of Sunday’s Boston Globe, in an in-depth piece on game design. The article will be printed in Sunday’s paper, but you can read the whole thing online right now. Reporter Leon Neyfakh spoke with us extensively¬†for this piece, and we couldn’t be more …

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Designer’s Diary: Baseball


As part of our free games blog, we at Spoiled Flush Games have decided to give readers a peak at the actual game-design process that led to each game. We hope that somebody out there will find these things useful — or at least mildly interesting. As we’ve mentioned before, these free games are the …

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Welcome to Spoiled Flush Games!


Howdy Internet! Welcome to SpoiledFlushGames.com, the new home of award-winning game designers Kevin Spak and Sam Liberty. Here you’ll find the latest info on our games, or at least, that’s the plan. We’re still getting things up and running, but eventually we hope to have all kinds of goodies up, like rules, designer diaries, and …

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