Game Chef 2011 winner Forsooth! is a Shakespeare-themed RPG in which you and your friends improvise the bard’s greatest lost work. There’s no need for a game master, no need to prepare anything in advance, and the rules take just minutes to learn. If you love theatre, or literature, or being a complete ham for the amusement of your friends, this game is for you.

You can download the short version of the game that won the contest right here, but for the best experience, you’ll want the revised and expanded full-length release,¬†which features revamped mechanics for the base game, along with rules for campaign play and abbreviated “Cliff Note” sessions. Plus: Do you dare read the dreaded Fifth Folio? You can learn more about the full version in these preview articles.

You can buy the game right here, or on

You can download character sheets and other supplemental stuff here.

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