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The latest updates and announcements on our games and this site

Clusterfight Second Edition Now Available!

Clusterfight Promo

Clusterfight Second Edition is now available at a new low-low price, exclusively on Amazon. It includes everything from the base game’s first printing, in a new, conveniently smaller box. It’s compatible with all of the first printing’s expansions (“The Gang’s All Here,” “And Whose Army?” and “Science Friction”). Purchase it here!

Clusterfight Is Now Live on Kickstarter!

The day you’ve all been waiting for is here: Clusterfight, the hilarity-inducing party game of hypothetical battles is now up on Kickstarter! Go reserve your copy today, and you can help us create the exclusive created-by-Kickstarter mini-expansion!

“Who Beats Who?” Is Now “Clusterfight”


Who Beats Who is Dead. Long Live Who Beats Who! It’s been a while since we last told you about our wacky party game of hypothetical battles. We expected to put it up on Kickstarter long ago. In the time since a lot has happened, but the most important thing is this: We’ve signed a …

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See Spoiled Flush at PAX East

If you’re headed to PAX East next weekend, you can see Kevin and Sam present at  the Wood for Sheep panel on Saturday. We’ll be talking about board game culture with Mack Cameron from the board game comic OverBoard, RPG designer Emily Care Boss from Green and Black Games, freelance children’s game designer Daniel Solis. …

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Our TEDx Talk is up!

Kevin and Sam gave a presentation on board game design at TEDxBoston on June 22, and here it is in all its glory!  

Forsooth! PDFs Now Available

Hey folks! For those of you who’d rather have a digital version of Forsooth! than one of those boring old dead tree copies, we’d like to let you know that PDFs are now available! You can download it from Indie Press Revolution and DriveThruRPG. Indie Press Revolution is also carrying the book, and  book + …

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Forsooth! Makes Its Grand Debut!

Lords and ladies, the moment you have all been waiting for has come at last: Forsooth! has been released! You can purchase print copies here, or from a variety of other online merchants. Amazon should have copies available, and we’re working to get it up on Indie Press Revolution and DriveThruRPG as well. Just bought …

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Forsooth! Links

Looking to hear more about Forsooth! our upcoming RPG? Well then you might want to check out this interview we did with Grand Rodiek of Hyperbole Games, where we talk all about the game and our process. And if you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to check out our first preview, explaining how we …

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Announcing Forsooth!

That’s right folks. Today we officially announced the release date for our first self-published game, Forsooth! The RPG of Shakespearean Proportions. It’s an update on our 2011 Game Chef-winning game of the same name, but much expanded, with updated rules, new game modes, new player aides, and a ton more. For those who haven’t played …

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Sam Liberty and Kevin Spak to Speak at TEDxBoston

We’re pleased to announce that Sam and Kevin will be speaking at TEDxBoston on June 22, 2012! Our talk, “Tales from the Cardboard Fun Lab” is all about how our views on fun are evolving, thanks to the work of modern hobby game designers. What is “fun?” Modern board game designers unpack this mysterious word …

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