Cosmic Pizza

The year is 2151, and the demand for pizza has never been greater.

As a hungry galaxy clamors for thin-crusted Italian delicacies, the little-understood, physics-defying Two Dimensional Drive has been employed to meet the need. By collapsing three-dimensional space down to a two-dimensional matrix, the 2D Drive makes it possible to cross vast distances in seconds. The catch? 2D ships can only transport flat cargo. Which makes them perfect for pizza, and not much else (possible caveat: Cosmic Pancakes).

In this strange future, a daring pizza pioneer such as yourself can become rich beyond your wildest dreams–but only if you’re willing to take on the risks of inter-stellar, two-dimensional flight. Perhaps the greatest challenge: mastering the mind-bending reality that is 2-Dimensional space. Luckily for you, your ship has a tutorial mode.

Coming soon from Cambridge Games Factory, Cosmic Pizza is a spatial reasoning game for 2-4 players in which players must master an ever-increasing array of dizzying maneuvers. It also boasts variable difficulty levels. If you’re a hardcore puzzle fan, you can take on Space Crazy mode, while your kids zip along in the lighter Junior mode.

Stay tuned for information Cosmic Pizza, from CGF and Spoiled Flush Games!

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