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Welcome to the Free Games blog. Years ago Kevin and Sam were putting together a book of new playing card and dice games. That project has since been scrapped, but many of the games were a lot of fun, so we’ll be posting them here for your enjoyment.

42 (The Trick Taking Game)

It’s the meaning of life! Also the craziest trick-taking game you ever saw. If you like Pitch, Euchre, Bridge or stuff like that, you should definitely try this out. What You Need: One 52 card deck, no jokers. You’ll probably also want a piece of paper to keep track of the score. Number of Players: …

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Six Shooter

Hey there, pardner. Think yer a tough guy, huh? Well how about you an’ me face off in a rough and tumble gamblin’ game using every dice we can lay hands on? Let’s face off in a tense game of brinkmanship and see who blinks first. I’m bettin’ it’ll be you. Number of Players: 2+ …

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Playing Card Basketball

He drives down the lane, pulls up outside the arc, it’s good if it goes… SCORE! He’s a gym class hero! No way will the bigger kids beat the snot out of him later. What a finish! If any of this sounds like a fantasy you might have had once or twice in school, we …

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Yukatan Jack and the Crypt of Ra

  Yukatan Jack, famed archeologist, is exploring the fabled Crypt of Ra with only his trusty whip and even-trustier wit to protect him.  Avoid traps and pitfalls, seek out safe zones, and uncover valuable diamonds to win the game. # of players: 2 What You Need:  A deck of cards, Yukatan Jack Game Piece (this …

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Money Shot

Around and around and around she goes, if she lands on a twelve, time to rake in the dough! Money Shot is a simple gambling game that’s high in excitement and low in fat. Players take turns rolling a twelve-sider, raising the target number higher and higher until somebody makes the money shot. Note: We …

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From the planet Botatron they came, a race of giant sentient robots that turned into stuff at will. And who had a penchant for defending cities and blowing each other up. What You Need: A 52 card deck, some poker chips, some method of keeping track of the four zones of play. Number of Players: …

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If there’s one thing life has taught me it’s this: Spies get all the ladies. If there’s two things life has taught me, the second one is that I’m not cut out to be a spy. Can’t keep a secret, can’t leap out of a helicopter armed only with a parachute disguised as a steering …

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Matrix Solitaire


You’re at work, or the library, or a store, or all three if you work at the New York Library Gift Shop.  The point is, you have a deck of cards but nobody to play a game with.  A mortal can only take so much Solitaire before they go crazy, though.  Red 7 on black …

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Ah, the national pastime. Nothing beats it. Heck, if we had our way we’d play it all the time. Sadly, we don’t have nine friends. Heck, we don’t even have two friends. Okay, I’m gonna go cry now. But you should play this kick-ass but simple card game. What You Need: A 52 card deck, …

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