Sam Liberty and Kevin Spak to Speak at TEDxBoston

We’re pleased to announce that Sam and Kevin will be speaking at TEDxBoston on June 22, 2012! Our talk, “Tales from the Cardboard Fun Lab” is all about how our views on fun are evolving, thanks to the work of modern hobby game designers.

What is “fun?” Modern board game designers unpack this mysterious word in new ways, and distill it into playable works of art. Recent shifts in board game design philosophy — and technology — are ushering in a boom of innovation that pushes the limits of cardboard chips and wooden bits. Plus: how tension, suspense, immersion, meaningful decisions, and social interaction can be used and combined to meet design goals and boost player experience.

You can check out our speaker profiles, and see who else is on the lineup this year, here. Stay tuned for more details, including how to watch our TED talk live on the web.

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