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Cosmic Pizza Makes TV Debut on Chronicle

A few weeks back, ABC Channel 5′s Chronicle put together a half hour on gaming, and who did they call? Little old us at Spoiled Flush Games! Our first — and let’s say… “highly anticipated” — board game Cosmic Pizza was featured during the show’s board gaming segment. If you’d like to see Sam, Kevin, …

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It’s My Game, You’re Just Living In It

On Friday, March 9, 2012, the Boston Globe published an article called “Inside the Board Game¬†Renaissance,” wherein the Spoiled Flush duo was featured and quoted. It’s a long article that discusses a number of big board game ideas, while remaining, I think, accessible to non-gamers who might be interested in learning more about the hobby …

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Spoiled Flush in the Boston Globe

Kevin, Sam, and Cosmic Pizza get major shout-outs in the “Ideas” section of Sunday’s Boston Globe, in an in-depth piece on game design. The article will be printed in Sunday’s paper, but you can read the whole thing online right now. Reporter Leon Neyfakh spoke with us extensively¬†for this piece, and we couldn’t be more …

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