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Six Shooter

Hey there, pardner. Think yer a tough guy, huh? Well how about you an’ me face off in a rough and tumble gamblin’ game using every dice we can lay hands on? Let’s face off in a tense game of brinkmanship and see who blinks first. I’m bettin’ it’ll be you. Number of Players: 2+ …

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Designer’s Diary: Money Shot

The design goals of Money Shot were very simple. Sam wanted to design a gambling game that functioned with a 12-sided die. The execution of this came about in a slightly more circuitous fashion. First — why gambling? Stakes Gambling is fun — additively so. We know first hand the thrill of staring down a …

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Money Shot

Around and around and around she goes, if she lands on a twelve, time to rake in the dough! Money Shot is a simple gambling game that’s high in excitement and low in fat. Players take turns rolling a twelve-sider, raising the target number higher and higher until somebody makes the money shot. Note: We …

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