So wait, are you a publisher?
Yes and no. Spoiled Flush Games is a game design studio, producing games and game concepts for multiple publishers. We will publish some games ourselves however; our first, Forsooth! is out now!

Where can I buy your games?
Forsooth! is currently available here, and at Amazon.com. If you’d like your local store to carry it, have the proprietor drop us a line.

Can I help playtest your games?
Most likely! We’re always looking for good playtesters. If you have a play group in the Greater Boston area, we will be happy to come demo our games and give you a look at what we’re working on. If not, we’d still love your help, particularly on products like our roleplaying games that can be easily emailed. Drop us a line via our contact page to get in touch.

How do I get in contact with you for press quotes, interviews, etc.?
First off, we’d love to talk to you. Our contact page is the best way to do this. Put “Press” in the subject line.

Hey, I have this great idea for a game and…
Awesome! But like we said above, we’re only publishing a limited number of our own designs at this point. However, our friends at Cambridge Games Factory would love to see your game. We help out on their development team from time to time, too.

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