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42 (The Trick Taking Game)

It’s the meaning of life! Also the craziest trick-taking game you ever saw. If you like Pitch, Euchre, Bridge or stuff like that, you should definitely try this out. What You Need: One 52 card deck, no jokers. You’ll probably also want a piece of paper to keep track of the score. Number of Players: …

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Yukatan Jack and the Crypt of Ra

  Yukatan Jack, famed archeologist, is exploring the fabled Crypt of Ra with only his trusty whip and even-trustier wit to protect him.  Avoid traps and pitfalls, seek out safe zones, and uncover valuable diamonds to win the game. # of players: 2 What You Need:  A deck of cards, Yukatan Jack Game Piece (this …

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Matrix Solitaire


You’re at work, or the library, or a store, or all three if you work at the New York Library Gift Shop.  The point is, you have a deck of cards but nobody to play a game with.  A mortal can only take so much Solitaire before they go crazy, though.  Red 7 on black …

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