Six Shooter

Hey there, pardner. Think yer a tough guy, huh? Well how about you an’ me face off in a rough and tumble gamblin’ game using every dice we can lay hands on? Let’s face off in a tense game of brinkmanship and see who blinks first. I’m bettin’ it’ll be you.

Number of Players: 2+

Object: Be the player closest to 21 by carefully selecting and rolling your dice.

What you’ll need: An object to represent the button, cash, or chips, and one set of hobby dice, sans the percentile, for each player. For those keeping score at home, each player will need a d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, and d20. Six dice in all.

Setup: If you’re playing for money, all players should change your money to chips. A chip can be worth as little or as much as your group decides. If you’re not (and if it’s illegal where you live, don’t), decide on an equal number of chips for everyone to start with.

How to Play: At the start of the game, and at the start of every hand, each player pays two chips to the pot in order to buy their first two dice. Each player takes two of their dice (any two, their choice) and rolls them for all to see. If anybody busts (rolls a 22 or higher) they are out of the hand.

Randomly decide who goes first. That player may make one of two actions in his quest to reach 21: stick or buy a die. If he sticks, he locks in his current score and cannot purchase more dice this round. If he buys a die, he puts another chip into the pot, selects one of his remaining dice, rolls it, and adds it to his total score.

Anyone who busts is out of the hand. Bust or not, play moves to the next player in a clockwise fashion. That player may then either stick or buy and roll a die. Play continues until either:

  1. All players but one have busted. The one reaming player takes down the pot.
  2. All remaining players have stuck. The player with the total closest to 21 wins the pot. In the case of a tie, the player who rolled the most dice wins the pot. If more than one player with the same score rolled the same number of dice, the player who locked in their score earlier wins.
  3. A player has rolled all six of his dice without busting, the dreaded Six Chamber Charlie. That player immediately takes down the pot regardless of current scores.

After somebody takes down the pot, begin a new hand. Everybody antes again by buying and rolling two dice. The player to the left of the player who started off last hand goes first. Use a button to keep track of who goes first each round. Any object can be used as the button. Pass it to the left at the start of each new hand.

Keep on playing as long as your money lasts you. When in doubt, shoot first and check your bank statement later. Wedding bands are made to be hocked.

Spoiled Flush Games is not endorsing gambling unless it is legal where you live, in which case we are totally endorsing it.

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