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Playing Card Basketball Designer’s Diary

Why do tabletop sports games so often fail? That’s the question we asked ourselves when we began designing Playing Card Basketball (PC B-Ball from here on out). We think it’s because designers so often lose sight of what makes a game fun. The Challenge: A Game About a Game It seems almost ridiculous to make …

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Playing Card Basketball

He drives down the lane, pulls up outside the arc, it’s good if it goes… SCORE! He’s a gym class hero! No way will the bigger kids beat the snot out of him later. What a finish! If any of this sounds like a fantasy you might have had once or twice in school, we …

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Ah, the national pastime. Nothing beats it. Heck, if we had our way we’d play it all the time. Sadly, we don’t have nine friends. Heck, we don’t even have two friends. Okay, I’m gonna go cry now. But you should play this kick-ass but simple card game. What You Need: A 52 card deck, …

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