See Spoiled Flush at PAX East

If you’re headed to PAX East next weekend, you can see Kevin and Sam present at ┬áthe Wood for Sheep panel on Saturday. We’ll be talking about board game culture with Mack Cameron from the board game comic OverBoard, RPG designer Emily Care Boss from Green and Black Games, freelance children’s game designer Daniel Solis.

We’ll also be at the Indie Bazaar booth selling copies of Forsooth! at a special you-got-it-from-us discount.

Not enough for you? Well, if you ask nice, we’ll also show you the new prototype of Who Beats Who? featuring the final graphic design from Kevin and Melissa Newman-Evans, coming to Kickstarter soon!

(Okay, you don’t actually need to ask us all that nicely. Frankly, we’re dying for you guys to see and play with it.)

Hopefully we’ll see you there!

Flyer created by Mack Cameron from Overboard-Comic.com. You should check out his stuff.

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