Forsooth Re-Play

The False CrusaderWe recently came across this awesome replay of our Shakespearean RPG Forsooth! by avid UK story-gamer Epistolary Richard. We were really impressed with the detail of the re-play, the skill and storytelling ability of the players, and the thoughtfulness of the notes – not to mention the time and effort that went into producing this document!

Richard formatted the PDF into acts and scenes, just as if it were a real play by the Bard, which for us really complemented the experience of reading it. Next to performing the thing live on stage (or around a table) reading this is the next best thing to playing.

What is a Story Game Re-Play? We’ll let Richard explain.


A story game is a game wherein the players collaborate to create a new story together. Much like long-form theatre improvisation, the players come up with the story as they go along using the premise and structure provided by the individual game. Different games encourage the creation of different types of story. A ‘replay’ is a transcript of a session of play.


Watch his video below, and read the entire transcript (including character generation, winners, and final thoughts) here. To join the conversation on Forsooth! and other story games, we recommend visiting the forums on Story-Games.com.

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