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Designer’s Diary: Matrix Solitaire

This post is all about our kick-ass solitaire game Matrix Solitaire. The rules are available for free here. This is one of those rare games that sprung fully birthed from the designer’s head like Athena, and worked pretty much right away. The total opposite of Baseball, Matrix Solitaire started with mechanical goals, then mechanics, and …

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Introducing: Designer Diaries

As promised, SpoiledFlushGames.com now features a spiffy designer diary blog! Each week, a day or two after our latest free game hits the web, we’ll be posting detailed design notes that spell out just what the heck we were thinking. In the first installment, we discuss Playing Card Baseball, the zeitgeist of 2004 in Boston, …

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Designer’s Diary: Baseball


As part of our free games blog, we at Spoiled Flush Games have decided to give readers a peak at the actual game-design process that led to each game. We hope that somebody out there will find these things useful — or at least mildly interesting. As we’ve mentioned before, these free games are the …

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Introducing: Free Games!

We haven’t been up long, but we’ve already added a new feature: Free Games. See, some years back Kevin and Sam decided to make a book of brand new games you could play with playing cards, dice, dominoes, and objects found in your average junk drawer. While we never published the book, many of the …

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