Introducing: Free Games!

We haven’t been up long, but we’ve already added a new feature: Free Games.

See, some years back Kevin and Sam decided to make a book of brand new games you could play with playing cards, dice, dominoes, and objects found in your average junk drawer. While we never published the book, many of the ideas in it have gone on to inspire full-blown publishable games, like Gladiators.

But a lot of those games were a lot of fun, so we’re giving them out here, online for free. We’ll post roughly one of these a week until we run out.

For now, you should definitely grab a friend and a deck of cards and play our first offering, Baseball, a simple, poker-based game that manages to capture the fun of America’s pastime.

And keep your eyes peeled to the Free Games page for future entries, or subscribe to our free games RSS feed.

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